As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.A merry heart does good like medicine.Anxiety weighs down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up.

Integrity Counselling

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  • Uses an integrated counselling style which draws on various therapies to suit you and your issues.
  • Offers non-judgmental, respectful, culturally aware counselling and therapies.
  • Believes we are physical, psychological, social and spiritual human beings. Integrity Counselling attempts to help you find a healthy balance in all these areas of your life.
  • Offers specific Christian counselling on request.

Integrity Counselling caters for a variety of life issues, including:






Personal problems


Family conflicts


Couples’ conflicts


Childhood abuse


Parenting skills and challenges


Grief and loss


Domestic Violence






Work related problems


Mental health support

Are you struggling and think you need extra help?

Integrity Counselling can give you insights, tools and hope.


for counselling:

Integrity Counselling offers options for where we meet for counselling.

These include counselling rooms in the Lower Blue Mountains, at a café, park, National Park, other outdoor venue, or your home.

We also can walk and talk. These venues can be chosen according to your needs and preferences. (Conditions apply)

Integrity Counselling Outdoor Therapy

Nature, exercise and relaxation are all beneficial to our mental health and resilience by helping us find inner strength, courage and increased gratitude – Integrity Counselling Outdoor Therapy aims to bring these components together to enhance your life.

Outdoor therapy is beneficial for individuals, couples, families and groups. These outdoor sessions will be tailored to your specific needs and help to build  understanding of each other and improved relationships, cooperation and empathy. Set in the bush, parks, National Park and undercover areas the sessions are fun, safe and innovative.

About Megan

As a counsellor, chaplain and family caseworker I have seen the benefits of a ‘little help going a long way’ and believe there is no stigma in getting outside help when life gets tough – and know the extra benefit of: ‘the earlier you get help, the better’.

I have much experience in supporting people experiencing a variety of life challenges, including parents with parenting skills and family problems. I have supported people with mental illness and addictions, and their families.

I have loved the bush all my life and as a qualified and experienced outdoor guide, have often used the outdoors as a metaphor for living and challenging limitations and fears. I am passionate about introducing others to the benefits of being in nature, both as therapy and for the sheer enjoyment.

I have extensive experience working within, and facilitating, groups and teams.

I love people of all ages and am committed to seeing them do well in life.

I hope you will use Integrity Counselling as a tool to help you, your family, or your group find fulfilment and a great future.



I’ve seen these amazing things happen in outdoor therapy type activities – someone who is rarely acknowledged for being clever, unexpectedly shows all these hidden qualities. It’s such a great surprise.
- Megan

- B

Seeing Megan has helped me significantly with managing my mental health. The strategies she has given me are always relevant. She provides a safe and judgement free space for a chat with personal touches like a cup of tea that makes me feel more comfortable than I’ve felt anywhere else. If you are considering counselling, I would highly recommend Megan. My life has been so much less stressful since seeing her and thanks to her help I’m growing more confident to handle things on my own.

- M

I was feeling overwhelmed with these negative thoughts about myself, then I tried the skill I had learnt through counselling, and suddenly I felt heaps more positive and creative and ended up having a great day.

- L

I found out how to love my kids better, I could see why we had some conflicts before.

- LL

 It helped me accept my parents and the way they showed their love to me – that was a big deal for me to let go.

- K

I had never looked at nature in metaphors, but doing it gave me a different perspective and insight to myself. I liked what I discovered and how I could express it in this new way. Plus, it was just great being outdoors, in the fresh air and finding new places I could visit again later.

- C

It definitely made me think about why I do what I know is stupid to do, so the next time it came up I had a way of not letting it control my decisions.

- A

I realised I wanted to forgive, I knew it would take time, it’s not a light thing to forgive some of things I need to forgive, but it got me started in that direction.

- S

I hadn’t realised how the family dynamics I grew up in had impacted my marriage. Seeing that more clearly helped me make better decisions around my relationship with my husband.


Fees are reasonable and adapted according to venue and type of counselling (eg. individual, couples, family, group, outdoor), and are discussed at time of enquiry.


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Megan Watson

Graduate Diploma of Counselling & Integrated Psychotherapy
Advanced Diploma Family Counselling
Diploma Child, Youth & Family Intervention
Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation

0433 527 597
[email protected]

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